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Fri 14/4/17 Sickmark, Nothing Clean, Groak, Yuri, Lugubrious Children Leeds, Temple of Boom  
Tue 18/4/17 Department Of Correction (Fra), Organ Dealer P(USA), Ona Snop, Forged In The Furnance Of The Sun Manchester, Aatma  
Wed 19/4/17 Mutilated Judge, Deathbus, Rageslave Birmingham, Centrala, Digbeth  
Wed 19/4/17 Department Of Correction (Fra), Organ Dealer P(USA), Negative Thought Process, Life/Short, Nothing Clean Nottingham, The Navigation 5
Thu 20/4/17 The Toasters Birmingham, The Flapper  
Sat 22/4/17 Discharge, Antisect, Deviated Instinct, Anti System Birmingham, Ceol Castle, Moseley  
Fri 28/4/17 Subhumans Birmingham, Ceol Castle, Moseley  
Fri 28/4/17 Contempt, The Sporadics, Armoured Flu Unit, Broken 3 Ways, Active Slaughter, Flatlands And Garage Flowers Telford, The Haygate North Shropshire Hunt Sabs benefit
Fri 28/4/17 Okus (Ireland), Regret plus more TBC Bristol  
Sat 29/4/17 Subhumans Manchester, Star & Garter  
Sat 29/4/17 Anti-System, Insurrection, Wolfbeat Destroyer, Riggots, Salvo, Death Zone, Tout Suite Manchester, Gullivers 8
Sat 29/4/17 Drongos For Europe Blackpool, The Waterloo  
Sun 30/4/17 Subhumans, UK Subs Wakefield, Warehouse 23  
Sat 6/5/17 Six Score (Ger), Nothing Clean, Auralskit Liverpool, Drop The Dumbulls  
Tue 9/5/17 Napalm Death, Brujeria, Power Trip Birmingham, O2 Institute  
Wed 10/5/17 Porch, Sweet Deals On Surgery, Video Blue, Basse Manchester, Fuel Cafe Withington 5
Wed 10/5/17 Napalm Death, Brujeria, Power Trip Glasgow, Classic Grand  
Thu 11/5/17 Diagnosis? Bastard! (Swe), Dysteria, Etc London, Birds Nest, Deptford  
Thu 11/5/17 Napalm Death, Brujeria, Power Trip Manchester, Rebellion  
Fri 12/5/17 Napalm Death, Brujeria, Power Trip London, Electric Ballroom, Camden  
Fri 12/5/17 Diagnosis? Bastard! (Swe) Leeds  
Sat 13/5/17 Diagnosis? Bastard! (Swe), Endless Grinning Skulls, Turnbarrel, Timmy Trampeater Nottingham, Stuck On A Name  
Fri 19/5/17 Snuff London, Camden Underworld  
Sat 20/5/17 Snuff London, Camden Underworld  
Sat 20/5/17 Abrasive Wheels Birmingham, The Flapper  
Fri-Sun 2-4/6/17 Negativ (Norway), Boycott The Baptist, Regret, This Ends Here, Pizza Tramp, Overload, Jakal, Rotten Foxes, Waco, Split Veins, Clunge Plunger, BKS, Shallow Sanction, Atavistik Death Pose, Poisonous Cunt, Deadset, Gurgle, Code Blue, The Blue Carpet Band, DTA London, T-Chances Bambos Fest
Sat 10/6/17 Warwound, OHYDA, Potential Threat, Burning Flag Bradford, 1 in 12  
Sun 11/6/17 Deviated Instinct, Warwound, Anti system, Preston, New Continental  
Fri 16/6/17 Icons Of Filth, Warwound Manchester, Retro Bar  
Sat 17/6/17 Crepitation, Foetal Juice, Gets Worse, PIST, Endless Swarm, Mastiff, Redeye Revival, Wolfbastard Manchester, Rebellion 5 adv
Sat 17/6/17 Hellkrusher, Blatoidea, Left For Dead, and more London, Off The Cuff, Herne Hill South London punks picnic
Fri-Sun 23/6-25/6/17 Angelic Upstarts, Los Fastidios, Thee Deadtime Philamonic, Faintest Idea, AOS3, Liberty, Hooligan Dublin, Active Slaughter & loads more Manchester, St Kentigerns Irish Centre 0161 Fest. Benefit for anti-fascist causes. 35 weekend. 15 per day.
Fri-Mon 30/6-3/7/17 Surplus Fest Cardiff  
Fri 7/7/17 Wolfbastard, Agrona, Pray U Prey, Levitas Nottingham, The Angel  
Fri 7/7/17 AOA, Cress, Decontrol, Mothcob, Sods Law, Dead Objectives, Fear Insight Nottingham, The Moot  
Sat 29/7/17 Civilised Society?, Armoured Flu Unit, Eslege, Public Gallery, Sods Law, Fear Insight Bradford, 1 in 12  
Sat 29/7/17 Gimp Fist, Anger Flares (Japan), The Vox Dolomites, Pardon Us, more tbc Ashton Under Lyne, The Witchwood  
Thu 3/8/17 Scream (USA) London, Underworld, Camden  
Fri-Mon 4-7/8/17 Zero Boys (US) // FU's (US) // Stalag 13 (US) // Fang (US) // (Dr)Know (US) // Scream (US) // Crude SS (SWE) // Burn (US) // Overdose (SWE) // MDC (US) // Rattus (NOR) // Sidekick (US) // The Vile (UK) // Higher Power (UK) tbc // Frame Of Mind (UK) tbc // Arms Race (UK) // War All The Time (UK) // Bitter Youth (UK) // Lugubrious Children (UK) // Jaded Eyes (UK) // Natterers (UK) // Young Conservatives (UK) // Hex (UK) // Whipping Post (UK) // Led By The Throat (UK) // Only Human (UK) 
*More bands T.B.C
Leeds, Temple of Boom  
Wed 9/8/17 Los Revolucionarios (Mexico), Feral Existence, Vitriolic Response, Gorehead Manchester, Fuel Cafe, Withington 5
Fri-Sun 11-13/8/17 Chimpyfest London, T chances  
Sat 12/8/17 A Page Of Punk (Japan), Cowtown, Holiday, Grotbags, Sames Manchester, Soup Kitchen  
Fri-Sun 1-3/9/17 Common Ground Festival Bristol  
Fri 8/9/17 Subhumans Southampton, Talking Heads  
Fri-Sun 15-16/9/17 Anti System, Subvision, Chris Butler, Indecent Assault, Burning Flag, Truth Equals Treason, Boredom, Feral Existence, Volatile Idea, more TBC Derby, Sitwell Tavern Derby Hunt Sabs benefit
Fri 22/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) Reading, Face Bar  
Sat 23/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) Wigan, Boulevard  
Sun 24/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) Liverpool, Maguires Pizza Bar  
Mon 25/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) London, Birds Nest, Deptford  
Thu 28/9/17 Subhumans Glasgow, Audio  
Fri 29/9/17 Subhumans Edinburgh, Bannermans  
Sat 30/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) Belfast, Warzone Centre  
Fri 3/11/17 Link (Belgium) Bristol  
Sat 4/11/17 Link (Belgium) London, Off The Cuff, Herne Hill  
Fri-Sat 17-18/11/17 The Outcasts, Wonk Unit, Billyclub, Geoffrey OiCott, Paul Carter, The Fiend, The Negatives, The Swindells, Black Market Clash Morecambe, The Bath Inn