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Sun 11/6/17 Steve Ignorant's Slice Of Life, Jazz Riot, Johnny Campbell Middlesbrough, Westgarth Social Club  
Sun 11/6/17 Calligram, Harrowed, Underdark Nottingham, SOAN 5
Sun 11/6/17 Deviated Instinct, Warwound, Anti-System Preston, New Continental  
Tue 13/6/17 Krimewatch (USA), Arms Race, Nekra London, New River Studios, N4  
Fri 16/6/17 Icons Of Filth, Warwound Manchester, Retro Bar  
Sat 17/6/17 Crepitation, Foetal Juice, Gets Worse, PIST, Endless Swarm, Mastiff, Redeye Revival, Wolfbastard Manchester, Rebellion 5 adv
Sat 17/6/17 Hellkrusher, Blatoidea, Left For Dead, and more London, Off The Cuff, Herne Hill South London punks picnic
Sat 17/6/17 Police Bastard, Warwound Birmingham, Castle And Falcon, Moseley  
Thu 22/6/17 Mangled, Hacksaw, The Bloodthirsters Birmingham, Hare And Hounds, Kings Heath 7
Fri 23/6/17 Varukers, Poisonous Cunt, Clunge Plunger, Butcher Baby London, T Chances  
Fri 23/6/17 Booze And Glory, Vomit, Xtract, Litterbug Manchester, Star and Garter 6pm. 12
Fri-Sun 23/6-25/6/17 Angelic Upstarts, Los Fastidios, Thee Deadtime Philamonic, Faintest Idea, AOS3, Liberty, Hooligan Dublin, Active Slaughter & loads more Manchester, St Kentigerns Irish Centre 0161 Fest. Benefit for anti-fascist causes. 35 weekend. 15 per day.
Fri 30/6/17 Coloroado Lounge, Rontunda, Dead Happy Birmingham, Wagon & Horses, Digbeth  
Fri-Mon 30/6-3/7/17 Surplus Fest Cardiff  
Fri 7/7/17 Wolfbastard, Agrona, Pray U Prey, Levitas Nottingham, The Angel  
Fri 7/7/17 AOA, Cress, Decontrol, Mothcob, Sods Law, Dead Objectives, Fear Insight Nottingham, The Moot  
Sat 29/7/17 Civilised Society?, Armoured Flu Unit, Eslege, Public Gallery, Sods Law, Fear Insight Bradford, 1 in 12  
Sat 29/7/17 Gimp Fist, Anger Flares (Japan), The Vox Dolomites, Pardon Us, more tbc Ashton Under Lyne, The Witchwood  
Thu 3/8/17 Scream (USA) London, Underworld, Camden  
Fri-Mon 4-7/8/17 Zero Boys (US) // FU's (US) // Stalag 13 (US) // Fang (US) // (Dr)Know (US) // Scream (US) // Crude SS (SWE) // Burn (US) // Overdose (SWE) // MDC (US) // Rattus (NOR) // Sidekick (US) // The Vile (UK) // Higher Power (UK) tbc // Frame Of Mind (UK) tbc // Arms Race (UK) // War All The Time (UK) // Bitter Youth (UK) // Lugubrious Children (UK) // Jaded Eyes (UK) // Natterers (UK) // Young Conservatives (UK) // Hex (UK) // Whipping Post (UK) // Led By The Throat (UK) // Only Human (UK) 
*More bands T.B.C
Leeds, Temple of Boom Bloodstains fest
Tue 8/8/17 A Page of Punk (Japan), Holiday, Page 3 Boys Nottingham, Stuck On A Name 8pm. BYOB. 5 adv./6 door.
Wed 9/8/17 Los Revolucionarios (Mexico), Feral Existence, Vitriolic Response, Gorehead Manchester, Fuel Cafe, Withington 5
Fri-Sun 11-13/8/17 Chimpyfest London, T chances  
Sat 12/8/17 A Page Of Punk (Japan), Cowtown, Holiday, Grotbags, Sames Manchester, Soup Kitchen  
Fri-Sun 1-3/9/17 Common Ground Festival Bristol  
Fri 8/9/17 Subhumans Southampton, Talking Heads  
Fri-Sun 15-16/9/17 Anti System, Subvision, Chris Butler, Indecent Assault, Burning Flag, Truth Equals Treason, Boredom, Feral Existence, Volatile Idea, more TBC Derby, Sitwell Tavern Derby Hunt Sabs benefit
Sat 16/9/17 Siege (USA) London, The Dome  
Sun 17/9/17 Siege (USA) Glasgow, Audio  
Fri 22/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) Reading, Face Bar  
Sat 23/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) Wigan, Boulevard  
Sun 24/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) Liverpool, Maguires Pizza Bar  
Mon 25/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) London, Birds Nest, Deptford  
Thu 28/9/17 Subhumans Glasgow, Audio  
Fri 29/9/17 Subhumans Edinburgh, Bannermans  
Sat 30/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) Belfast, Warzone Centre  
Fri 20/10/17 Lightyear, Cotton Weary, The Boom, Fire Apple Red, Unqualified Nurse Band Derby, Hairy Dog  
Fri 20/10/17 Varukers Birmingham, The Flapper  
Sat 28/10/17 Omega Tribe, Anti System, Hagar The Womb, Combat Shock, more TBC Birmingham, Castle and Falcon, Moseley  
Fri 3/11/17 Link (Belgium) Bristol  
Sat 4/11/17 Link (Belgium) London, Off The Cuff, Herne Hill  
Fri-Sat 17-18/11/17 The Outcasts, Wonk Unit, Billyclub, Geoffrey OiCott, Paul Carter, The Fiend, The Negatives, The Swindells, Black Market Clash Morecambe, The Bath Inn  
Sat 25/11/17 Hellkrusher, Vitriolic Response, Gorehead, Tout Suite, Salford, Eagle Inn  
Sat 21/4/18 Antisect, Discharge, Hellkrusher, more TBC Birmingham