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Thu 17/8/17 Panser Bastard (USA) ,Hellbastard, Truth Equals Treason Derby, Hairy Dog  
Sat 19/8/17 Sievehead, Cowtown, Ashtray Navigations, Denim & Leather, Iron Pirate, Guttersnipe, Xam Duo, Hex, The Razerbills Leeds, Wharf Chambers 5/7. all dayer from 2pm.
Fri-Sun 25-27/8/17 Discharge, 2 Sick Monkeys, Helhorse (Denmark), The Domestics, Asphalt (Japan), Diesel Breath (Holland), Overload, Lobster, The Fiend, Sikupillu (Finland), Jawless, Mugrind (Spain), Happy Spastics (Scotland), Butcher Baby, Massgrav (Sweden), Poisonous Cunt, Tout Suite, Abandon Cause, Kilburn Bomb Squad, The Mispelt, Ebo-La-Las, Mularky, AOS3, Wadeye, Luvdump, Kill Bitches To Dress Foxes, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Waco, Bandits, The Mighty Bossmags...
London, T-Chances Fuk Reddin 2017
Sat 26/8/17 Boak, Spat, Goodbye Blue Monday, The Minority Rule, Shatterhand, Facehandle, Dapitz, The Matatunes Edinburgh Cramond Island 2017. Bands from 12pm.
Fri-Sun 1-3/9/17 Common Ground Festival Bristol  
Fri 8/9/17 Subhumans Southampton, Talking Heads  
Fri-Sun 15-16/9/17 Anti System, Subvision, Chris Butler, Indecent Assault, Burning Flag, Truth Equals Treason, Boredom, Feral Existence, Volatile Idea, more TBC Derby, Sitwell Tavern Derby Hunt Sabs benefit
Sat 16/9/17 Siege (USA) London, The Dome (Tufnell Park)  
Sun 17/9/17 Siege (USA) Glasgow, Audio  
Fri 22/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) Reading, Face Bar  
Sat 23/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) Wigan, Boulevard  
Sun 24/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) Liverpool, Maguires Pizza Bar  
Mon 25/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) London, Birds Nest (Deptford)  
Thu 28/9/17 Malignant Tumour (Czech), Poisonous Cunt, ShitNeck, more TBC Leeds, Temple of Boom  
Thu 28/9/17 Subhumans Glasgow, Audio  
Fri 29/9/17 Sick On The Bus, The Foamers, Flash House Kingston on Thames, Fighting Cocks 5 otd
Fri 29/9/17 Subhumans Edinburgh, Bannermans  
Sat 30/9/17 Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate (Austria) Belfast, Warzone Centre  
Fri 6/10/17 The Domestics, Gas Tank Liverpool, Maguires Pizza Bar 5
Sat 7/10/17 Police Bastard Nottingham, Doghouse  
Mon 16/10/17 Grand Collapse Manchester, Fuel Cafe (Withington)  
Fri 20/10/17 Lightyear, Cotton Weary, The Boom, Fire Apple Red, Unqualified Nurse Band Derby, Hairy Dog  
Fri 20/10/17 Varukers Birmingham, The Flapper  
Sat 21/10/17 Massgrav (Swe) Bristol, Red Lion  
Thu 26/10/17 Famine, Krupskaya, Metus Obscuritatis, more TBC Stoke On Trent, Pilgrims Bar  
Sat 28/10/17 Omega Tribe, Anti System, Hagar The Womb, Combat Shock, more TBC Birmingham, Castle and Falcon (Moseley)  
Fri 3/11/17 Link (Belgium) Bristol  
Sat 4/11/17 Link (Belgium) London, Off The Cuff (Herne Hill)  
Sat 11/11/17 Cress, Anthrax, Sanction This, Anarchistwood, Hysteria Ward, The Fleas, The Black Death, Flowers In The Dustbin, more TBC London, The Gunners (Finsbury Park) all dayer 1pm start
Fri-Sat 17-18/11/17 The Outcasts, Wonk Unit, Billyclub, Geoffrey OiCott, Paul Carter, The Fiend, The Negatives, The Swindells, Black Market Clash Morecambe, The Bath Inn  
Sat 25/11/17 Hellkrusher, Vitriolic Response, Gorehead, Tout Suite, Salford, Eagle Inn  
Fri/Sat 20-21/4/18 Antisect, Discharge, Hellkrusher, more TBC Birmingham